You Tear My Mind Wide Open
Nov 30, 2017
Title track (sort of) of the forthcoming album, released 10th November 2017 on Damaged Goods. Another cut and paste, slash and churn recycled video
Mystery Train
Sep 20, 2017
A track from the new album 'Tear your minds wide open!', released 10-11-17 on Damaged Goods Records.
Never Go Back - Live-O-Graphic version
May 13, 2016
Blockbusting almost-live new version of the very first song on the very first Galileo 7 album ('Are we having fun yet?' from 2010)... and it's also the very first song on the brand new 'Live-O-Graphic' album. How far we have come, eh? How to make a promo video from just two pictures..
Anne Hedonia (Live-O-Graphic version)
May 9, 2016
From the new Live-O-Graphic album.
Don't Fly Too High (Live-O-Graphic version)
May 9, 2016
Scary video. I hope it disturbs you as much as it disturbed us making it.
Cruel Bird
Apr 25, 2016
French tour hi-jinks set to music... the latest single 'Cruel Bird' gets a promo video of sorts. Did we have fun, or what? Eh? Eh?
False Memory Lane
May 14, 2014
Title track from the forthcoming album 'False Memory Lane', available from May 26th on vinyl, CD and download.
Modern Love Affair
Dec 9, 2012
One of two tracks that didn't make it onto our recent album 'Staring at the Sound', now available from our MP3 store, as a CDR single from the other store in this site and also iTunes if you really must.
Staring at the Sound
Oct 21, 2012
Title track from the new album. Visuals filmed at the UFO club, Tottenham Court Road in sometime in early 1967. Allegedly.
Don't Fly Too High
Sep 30, 2012
Collideascopic fun. From the new album 'Staring at the Sound'.
More Time - The Galileo 7 (from Staring at the sound)
Sep 12, 2012
A song from the new album. From the CD played on a turntable. The only CD in the world that works with a cartridge and arm.
Actually this is a joke - someone did actually believe it. We don't want to get sued for causing people to ruin their needle and CD.
Anne Hedonia - The Galileo 7 (from Staring at the Sound)
Sep 12, 2012
The world's first psychedelic crockery video.
Anne Hedonia visually accompanied by our custom-made dinner set courtesy of Sarah Crouch (Ludella black of the Masonics fame). Don't ask why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 5 low res photos, some free video editing software and a couple of hours to waste. It gets quite good in the middle...
Staring at the Sound - promo 1
Aug 3, 2012
First in series of promos for the forthcoming album.
Staring at the Sound - promo 2
Aug 3, 2012
Promo number 2.
Orangery Lane
Jun 22, 2011
A favourite from the album, now available on the Acid Jazz compilation 'Hipsters 2'.
Feet on the ground (Italy May 2011)
Jun 9, 2011
In May 2011 we did 3 gigs in Italy (Verona, Brescia and Trento). This promo features random footage shot at the time paired with 'Feet on the ground' from our album 'Are we having fun yet?'. Standing in for Russ Baxter on drums for these gigs was Mole from the Higher State...although if your eyes are good you may spot a couple of shots of Russ that I sneaked in from another gig. Also features tour manager Gianni Fusi looking more like a cool rock musician than I do....
Running through our hands
Dec 29, 2010
First attempt at a Galileo 7 'promo' video. A bit of a psychedelic opus and a good excuse to dig out my old arty student films to use as stock footage.. I'd like to thank my younger self for filming it and a young Wolf Howard being in it. From our album. Not sure if we'll ever be brave enough to play this song live, so lose yourself in the media experience, man....
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