Fabulous songs....

Mod-tastic grooves throughout, with just enough psych to tear your mind wide open. This band features ex-Prisoner (the band, not in the criminal sense!) Allan Crockford, who has played for James Taylor Quartet, Solarflares, Headcoats etc, so he has a lot to live up to, and TG7 is his first band where he is the main songwriter. And believe me, he steps up to the mark, and then leaps right over the mark, until the mark is a long, long way behind him. Fabulous songs,  that after a couple of spins lodge their way inside your mind and refuse to move.

Sure, the old influences are all over it, but it still sounds real, not like some pastiche. And in 2018, we need some real pop music, as much as we can get!

Music played from the heart and soul. Too many people guilty of complaining pop music is rubbish these days, because their eyes are focused on Saturday night TV, and they let gems like this slip right past them. Pop’s not dead! Far from it. There’s great music out there, just look for it!

No stand out tracks because they’re all brilliant. Okay, just maybe ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ if you force me to choose. That and the fact I’ve been singing the chorus in my head for the past few days…

Just buy it!

Andrew Jarrett
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