This music is all about passion, ideas and communication....You’d be a fool to miss it !

The Galileo 7 (what a fine for a band !) are a relatively new addition to the Kent psych- -pop-beat scene, having formed in 2010, but their pedigree goes back a lot further. Frontman Allan Crockford has previously (and in some cases presently) played with the cult-favourite likes of The Prisoners, the James Taylor Quartet and Graham Day, while other members also play in The Embrooks.

But it’s this current output that concerns us at the moment and I’m damned-glad to say that it’s more than worthy of our attention. It’s unashamedly catchy, upbeat ‘Pop’ as it ought to be, full of great melodies and the kind of Sixties-style sounds that never seem to age. Squeeky organ, pounding drum beats and fuzzed-up guitar riffs compete for space with the dreamy vocal style.

But despite all the references to past-spendours, this is an album that sounds remarkably fresh. This ought to be a record made by teenagers, desperate to show how vital and creative they can be, but instead they’re intent on taking exams, so fuck ‘em ! This music is all about passion, ideas and communication. It’s not particularly similar, sound-wise, but it kind of reminds me of the Naz Nomad album, in the way that is obviously a bunch of people having a great time playing great music. You’d be a fool to miss it !

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