"...extra-ordinary songs"

From the original French, translation by Google:

The theory in the world of Rock is that the first album is often what a band will deliver better. There are a number of exceptions to this rule (recently the Wedding Present and the Dream Syndicate have laid the best albums of their long career, for example).
It's nothing to say that I expected a lot from this new Galileo 7 album as I like the previous ones. However this one ... how to say? It's a must!
With its beautiful energy stretching reminiscent of the best of the Mod revival of 78. In fact this disc to the density of the best albums of Squire, in its ability to assemble extra-ordinary songs taken individually that are in addition an album perfectly successful! All in their unique style!
Groovy Organ Garage / Creamy Freakbeat / Power Pop / Medway Style / Paisley Undergound ... yes all this and more: GALILEO 7.
The sound of this record is powerful, generous and warm like never before. And the songs sound like classics of the best eras in the history of Pop and Rock.
The December album for Garage Voices!
Bernard Tappaz
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