"...an effervescent, day-glo delight"

Straight out of deepest darkest garage land (AKA Kent) come ne’er-do-well quartet The Galileo 7 with their fifth album of top-of-the-poppermost garage and psych. Taking their name from an episode of Star Trek, The Galileo 7 don’t boldly go where no man has gone before, their sound a tried and tested homage to psych hits of the ’60s and the powerpop moves of the ’70s. And don’t they do it well.

Tear Your Minds Wide Open! is an effervescent, day-glo delight, 12 tracks of galloping tunesmithery that barely pauses for breath as it barrels along with windmilling guitars and thumping drums that recall dear old Keith Moon at his most propulsive. Luckily, the Galileo lads have tunes by the bucket to match their retro stylings, album opener ‘Cold Hearted Stowaway’ a particular pop joy that would have stormed the charts were this 1967 rather than 2017.

Thomas Patterson
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