"a record that exudes joy to play, share, and electricity!"

Translated from the French by Google:

Wahoo here's a record that exudes joy to play, share, and electricity!
Because of the conditions of its realization: who took infinite pleasure to record two songs on the band's new single (at State Rds, which serves as an introduction to the new line-up) and they decided to throw in a live in studio session to prolong the pleasure. And we pass it!
Result: the best of the studio (his accuracy) with the best of live (intensity interpretations) for this kind of Best Of (together ALL the Galileo 7 albums are must-have) that prefigures what the group will be on stage! It is salivating.
This great band still has the sacred fire, and a big talent of composition!
How to define Galileo 7 music?
Precise and tight rhythmic, soft or when to be. A duel / fruitful dialogue between guitar and organ. And voices. voices as if it rained. Normal for English!
The dream of all fans of Garage Pop Freakbeat Groovy 60's Sound Yes ... no less!
Look at the pedigree of each member and you will see that these people have never recorded bad records.
It is not with this one it's going to start!
Torrid !
If I had a label I know what I will do: a vinyl release !!!

Bernard Tapaz
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