"...their strongest offering to date..."

Without a shadow a doubt this latest Galileo 7 single, a good old-fashioned double A-side no less, is their strongest offering to date. Descriptively speaking, both 'Cruel Bird' and 'Nowhere People' do their thing with each rushing along on fairly similar melodic frequencies, whilst in the process demonstrating the group's inherent ability to create urgent, intense sounds with interesting lyrical patterns.
Fronted by the lead vocals and guitar of Medway veteran Allan Crockford, the group might now be at a pivotal juncture in its lifespan, where ongoing musical development and a growing taste for inventively infectious material are at some kind of peak. With a finely balanced set of directives ahead - here borne out in the seeming desire to produce appealingly pop-centred sounds imbued with a hard-hitting, kinetic spirit - they manage to stop short of going either too way out, too raucous or too heavy.


Lenny Helsing
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