'..there is not a duff track on this album and definitely a must...

False Memory Lane

Just in case you’re not quite ‘au fait’ with Galileo 7’s front man Allan Crockford, here’s a quick history lesson.

Allan started his career as a member of The Prisoners, the legendary and highly influential 80’s band from the Medway delta. With fellow Prisoner, Graham Day the pair went on to form both The Prime Movers and The Solar Flares as well as working with others on various projects over the years.

Today, Allan is a member of Graham Day and The Forefathers as well as fronting Galileo 7.

‘False Memory Lane’ is their third album and is far from the Medway garage that Mr Crockford might be associated with. The writing is at times, whimsical, then a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’. The songs display all the finest qualities of that area of popular music where the likes of Ray Davies reside. Classically English and (dare I say it?) working class.

Astute observations, well-crafted lyrics all backed up with carefully-thought-out rhythms and riffs.

‘Don’t Know What I’m Waiting For’ is about as close as you get to a pacey garage track, whereas ‘Fools’ is (for my money) a brilliant song that has become a personal favourite. In short, there is not a duff track on this album and definitely a must for those of you at the softer end of the psych and garage spectrum.

Graham Lentz
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