2016 - New single and live album!

Is it really 9 months since the last news item?! That's the problem with normal websites in the age of Facebook...

Anyway, we've got some news! We'll have a brand new vinyl single out on State Records round about the end of March, beginning of April - hopefully coinciding with a substantial set of dates in France that will run from 31st March to around the 10th April. It'll be a double A side of "Nowhere People" / "Cruel bird". It will be available on black and purple vinyl - buy both versions and see which colour of vinyl sounds better!

We're also planning on having an "almost live" album of some of our old faves available around the same time - to be sold only at gigs and from this website. It will be CD only. 

In the meantime we're also continuing collecting tracks for the next 'proper' album. No title yet and it's only half written, but we promise it will be a corker! Who knows, we might even have it out for the end of the year... no promises though!

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