The new vinyl version of "The Complete 'Live-O-Graphic Session" is out now!! Place your order in our store.

Specially remastered for vinyl, this new version of the album includes two songs not on the CD, new stereo mixes of the State Records mono single, 'Cruel Bird' and 'Nowhere People'!

"What this latest release proves is that the Galileo 7 are hot: one of the most buzzing, happening propositions on the British mod-pop garage scene." Shindig

"enough energy to suggest the band have found a stash of Purple hearts somewhere" Terrascope

"Power-pop melodies and harmonies backed up with drumming set to the rarely heard Keith Moon energy level." Harmonic Distortion

More reviews here

'Live-O-Graphic' to be released on VINYL!!

Yes, due to overwhelming popular demand, 'Live-O-Graphic' will be available on vinyl from late November.

The album will now be called 'The Complete Live-O-Graphic Session' and feature two tracks not on the original CD version. 'Cruel Bird' and 'Nowhere People' were recorded in the same session but were diverted to the 7" single released in mono on State Records at the same time as the CD.  These two instant classics have been remixed in stereo to sit with the rest of the tracks, and the whole 12 track album has been remastered especially for vinyl...

In a break with a practice that has unfortunately become commonplace in the past few years, the band decided to master the album to preserve the dynamics of the original mixes - NOT just squash them to achieve that maximum volume, flat-as-a-pancake, ear-fatiguing blocks of noise effect that is so prevalent these days!

Ever wondered why you can listen to a whole evening of vinyl, but switch off after one or two modern CDs...? Do you sometimes feel that you're being shouted at by a lot of modern music? It's because old records were generally mastered for clarity and dynamics - they enticed you in and invited you to listen and engage with the music. If you want it loud, turn up the amplifier! Most modern music is mastered for maximum volume but minimum dynamics. No room for quieter passages, no space for the rhythm to breathe. It's impressive for 10 minutes or so, but after a while your ears begin to shut down and everything sounds the same. It's not the fault of CDs, but they do offer the temptation of being able to hold and reproduce sound at a level that would make needles jump out of the grooves of a record. So we've gone the other way, because we care about the sound... and no one else has got the guts to just let the music be what it is... not squash so hard that there is no life left!! Freedom for dynamics and groove! This record may be quieter, but if you turn it up it will sound better!!


New album and single OUT NOW!

The new nearly live album 'Live-O-Graphic' is out now on CD, only available from our webstore.

If you like downloads, you can get it from iTunes (soon) or now from CDbaby if you don't want to give Apple your money!!

The vinyl-only 45rpm 7" single 'Cruel Bird/Nowhere People' is also out now on very limited purple vinyl (going fast!!), also from our webstore.

Meanwhile, we're off to play 10 gigs in France from the 31st March...

New album now available for pre-order!!

Our new almost-live album 'Live-O-Graphic" is now available for pre-order! No copies will be shipped before the 28th March. Order now from our store

Originally this was going to be just available at gigs, but it's turned out so well we thought we might as well make it generally available...

Essentially it's a sampler of some of our favourite songs, recorded 'in session' style (live backing tracks, one-take vocals)... but they've turned out to be as good as, if not better than the originals. Here's the sleevenotes...

"The “Live-O-Graphic” Session… ten revved up, incendiary, ‘nearly live’ versions of previously released songs! The live backing tracks were burned out by the MK3 line-up of The Galileo 7 in one frantic hour, hemmed in by the mechanical clutter and ephemera of a working lithographic press, ignoring thumping headaches induced by a toxic combination of chemical vapours and extreme volume levels… but high on the alchemic rock’n’roll fumes of a spontaneous, unplanned recording session! 

During the recording of the recent ‘Cruel Bird/Nowhere People’ 45, the band played a couple of older songs to warm up - and knew immediately that they had to commit the rest of their live set to tape for posterity. These versions crackle with almost uncontainable energy, and outstrip the originals for verve and intensity. The one-take vocals and harmonies were added later in a similarly pressured and time-limited session to preserve the intense feel of the tracking session. The result is this red hot ‘Live-O-Graphic’ sampler of some of The Galileo 7’s best songs!


French Tour begins 31st March!

Our first 'proper' tour for ever... 10 consecutive gigs in France, beginning 31st March in Caen!

You can find all the details here,

but here is what you need to know...

31/03 - CAEN at Portobello Club
01/04 - ALBI at Jour de Fête
02/04 - PERPIGNAN at Vinochoppe
03/04 - TOULOUSE at La Dernière Chance
04/04 - ST ETIENNE at Thunderbird Lounge
05/04 - GRENOBLE at Maily's Club
06/04 - TOURS at Bar A Mine
07/04 - CLERMONT - FERRAND at Bombshell Club
08/04 - BOURGES at Murrayfield Pub
09/04 - LILLE at L'Imposture Bar

New single available for pre-order now!

Our new vinyl only single is now available for pre-order!

**PLEASE NOTE: this is a pre-order listing, with planned release date of 28th March 2016. NO COPIES will be shipped prior to that date**

The first 200 copies of "Cruel Bird" / "Nowhere people" (State Records) will be on purple vinyl, so get in quick if you're convinced that purple sounds better.... 

Go to the store and get your name down now!

Here's what our press people said...


"Cruel Bird" b/w "Nowhere People"
(State Records THS—023)

Medway Legend® Allan Crockford returns with his psych-power-pop combo, THE GALILEO 7, offering 2 new monophonic movers worthy of Middle Earth!

All the by-now-familiar elements are in place—a thundering Who-like rhythm section, biting fuzz guitar, swirling organ and exquisite 4-part vocal's like a honey-coated punch in the mush!

Limited edition (500 copies only) 45rpm 7" vinyl—the 1st 200 will be pressed in translucent PURPLE VINYL, ONLY available direct from the band or label...the distros and mail-order muckers will NOT be getting these!
2016 - New single and live album!

Is it really 9 months since the last news item?! That's the problem with normal websites in the age of Facebook...

Anyway, we've got some news! We'll have a brand new vinyl single out on State Records round about the end of March, beginning of April - hopefully coinciding with a substantial set of dates in France that will run from 31st March to around the 10th April. It'll be a double A side of "Nowhere People" / "Cruel bird". It will be available on black and purple vinyl - buy both versions and see which colour of vinyl sounds better!

We're also planning on having an "almost live" album of some of our old faves available around the same time - to be sold only at gigs and from this website. It will be CD only. 

In the meantime we're also continuing collecting tracks for the next 'proper' album. No title yet and it's only half written, but we promise it will be a corker! Who knows, we might even have it out for the end of the year... no promises though!

New vinyl 45 available now!

Our new vinyl single "One lie at a time" / "The God of Gaps" is available now! If you get it from our Store you'll also get a free 3 tracks CD containing those 2 tracks plus a bonus track not available from anywhere else! You'll only get this freebie if you order from us, or from State Records!

Where else can you buy our album...?

Obviously we'd prefer you to buy all of our stuff direct from us here at our website store because most of the money comes back to the band, increasing the chances of us being able to afford to make another album... But we realise that sometimes that may not be the cheapest option, particularly if you live outside the UK... so here's a (by no means definitive) list of mail order sites, distributors and download sites...


Soundflat (Germany)

Clear Spot (Europe):


Norman Records:

Heavy Soul

Rhythm Online

Detour Records

Rough Trade


KoolKat Musik (US)

13 O'clock Records

Ebay and Amazon




If you're a London Hipster you can walk into Sister Ray 34 Berwick St, London W1F 8RP

If you're a Leeds hipster you can walk into Jumbo Records 5-6 St Johns Centre Leeds LS2 8LQ

If you're a Manchester hipster you can walk into Crocodile Records/Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton Street, Manchester England M4 1LP


Google Play


Amazon MP3


New album 'False Memory Lane' out now!

Yep, it's available now from our store, on vinyl (with bonus CD and download codes!) and CD.

Also available from Amazon, Ebay and a host of the better mail-order sites (full list to come) including Rough Trade, Soundflat, Clear Spot, Detour etc.

If downloads are your thing, get it from CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3 etc.

If you want to listen it's also on Spotify, but remember we only get about one penny for every million plays or something... it doesn't pay the bills or help us record the next one!

New album very soon!

Soonish anyway - end of May or beginning of June depending on the factories.

False Memory Lane will feature 11 tracks and will be available on lovely vinyl, CD and (ho hum) download. The vinyl package will also have a 3 track CD-EP featuring songs that didn't make the album.

We'll put up a pre-order link when we know an official release date.

Hello...testing.. is this thing on? We're Back!

The trouble with the popularity of Facebook is that it makes it easy to forget that some people don't use it, and still use 'normal' websites - like this one. Well, we're sorry for leaving this site to languish unloved and un-updated for so long, with the only occasional visitor dropping by to buy something from our store...

Anyway, it's time to get things moving again! After nearly a year away from gigging, we return to the stage for three gigs in Belgium and France.

We start on Thursday 20th February at the Cantina Del Rock, continue to the Kinky Star in Gent on Friday 21st, then finish in Reims at Ernest Hemingway on Saturday 22nd.

As if that's not enough excitement, we'll be playing in the UK on March 1st at the Pipeline, London with the Len Price 3.

Meanwhile, work continues on our new album 'False Memory Lane'... hopefully due for release in the Spring.

Money off vinyl!

Recording of the next album is well underway. At the moment we don't know when it'll be out or even who will release it, but it has a title, we've got 9 new songs on the go and another bunch to record in October.

In the meantime we're knocking another £1.50 of the cost of the vinyl pressing of last year's 'Staring at the Sound'. £13 (inc p&p) for the UK, £15 for Europe, £17 for USA and the rest - and that's for 180gm of heavy high quality vinyl! Get it from our store.

Money off all vinyl this weekend!!

We haven't got any thing new or exclusive to sell on the weekend of Record Store Day 2013, but to show we care we've reduced the price of all vinyl products in our store from now (Friday 19th April) until Sunday evening! £2 of all vinyl albums (Galileo 7 , Garageville 10" compilation, Phaze) and £1 off the Solarflares 7"s. Ok??

Garageville Compilation Vol 2 - available here!

The excellent compilation of bands from the recent Garageville festival in Hamburg is available from our store . It's a limited edition 10" vinyl album, and along with our version of The Nerves 'Paper Dolls' also features The Frowning Clouds, The Felines and others. We've only got a few copies so get in quick!

Special offer for February is finished, but...

... we're not returning the cost of vinyl and CD versions of our recent album 'Staring at the Sound' to the full price. These are hard times for everyone (apart from the 1 percent) so we're keeping £1 off the vinyl and 50p off the CD from now on.

Special 1 week offer on both formats of 'Staring at the Sound'!

Yep, it's official - February is slightly more depressing than all the other months of the year. But, in a probably futile attempt to lift your (and our) spirits in this austerity-gripped hellhole we call the UK, we are offering our most recent album 'Staring at the sound' at a reduced price until we decide to increase them again! Who needs to go on business courses to learn how to increase sales volume eh?

We're knocking off £3 from the beautiful object of desire that is the 150gm vinyl version, and £1.50 off the less beautiful but, let's face it, more convenient CD. So the UK price is £12.50 for the vinyl and £7.50 for the CD - INC POSTAGE!

Spanish pressing of 'Staring at the sound' out now!

Rock Indiana Records from Spain have released their limited edition CD version of 'Staring at the Sound'. It has extended artwork in the form of a 12 page booklet, all the lyrics, and a slightly revised tracklisting.

Buy it here

The original Uk version is still available from this website on CD and high quality 180gm vinyl -still the best listening format....

Gigs in Spain plus limited edition Spanish release of 'Staring at the Sound' - April 2013

Plans are afoot for some gigs in Spain in April 2013, to accompany a limited CD release of a revised version of the recent 'Staring at the Sound' album on Indiana Records. More details soon!

Two New Tracks now available from our download store!

Two tracks didn't make it on to the new album... but they're still crackers! They'll be released as a digital single on iTunes in a couple of weeks, and also available on a CDR at gigs. If you can't get to a gig or don't want to wait until iTunes are ready, or maybe you just don't like giving your money to Apple, don't worry! You can download them direct from our new MP3 Download Store .

The two tunes you want are 'Modern Love Affair' and 'Can't Get Away From Myself' - just 99c each!

Charity Compilation track

WME4 cover - Art by Lupen Crooke've got a track on the latest Medway Eyes compilation, ME4. It's a 61(!) track collection of Medway based or related bands and you can download it now, and of course donate some money to the Holding On Letting charity. Our song is called 'Up'. This version was originally recorded for our first album but there wasn't room. There's room for it on a 61 track collection though...

Download and gig-only single out soon!

We'll be releasing a couple of tracks that weren't quite ready for the release of the new album as a download single very soon. They'll also be available on a CDR - but only at our gigs.

'Modern Love Affair' and Can't get away from myself' are two heavier garage-punkers that will be in the live set so we couldn't let them languish in the archives for too long...

Download details will be up soon, but they should be available from around the time we play our first gig for nearly a year - October 27th...

First gigs for nearly a year start in October

After a long period of rest and recuperation (and finding a new bass player) we'll be playing a few gigs before Christmas, starting at the 96 Tears Club at the Dalston Vic (Hackney, London) on Saturday 27th October. After that we'll be in Belgium and France before playing our home town of Rochester on Nov 30th. Then we've got a couple of Christmas gigs... Have a look at the gig page for more details.


Yep, all the pre-orders are in the post (first class of course) and the album is now officially released. High Quality 180gm vinyl and normal quality CD versions are available from the store. If you like your musical formats invisible and weightless, it's also available from iTunes and a number of other digital vendors (full list to follow).

Buy the vinyl - that's where it sounds best!

Staring at the sound - cover


Beat the rush(!) and get your order in for 'Staring at the Sound' before the official release date (September 10th) and we'll ship it out on the morning of release.

Of course everyone should buy the VINYL because it's  pressed on 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies and issued in an authentic front-laminated ‘flipback’ sleeve... but we also realise that some of you are so stuck in the past that you insist on buying CDs. For those Luddites, we have also pressed up a CD version. Full quality audio CD (NOT CDR....) with full colour wallet. It will also be available for download from the usual places, but we don't like to talk about that too much.