Fabulous songs....
Great vocals, ace harmonies, fab punchy guitars, and Small Faces-esque organs. Oh, and some of the best drumming I’ve heard in ages! [Read More...]
"..driving freakbeat sound"
Fans of The Move, The Small Faces, The Who, Blossom Toes, The Creation, The Fleurs de Lys and the like will find much to love here. It's that mod-into-psych sound of 1966 but made now! Crunchy and crashing guitar chords, genuinely memorable melodic songwriting bolstered by organ chords and a truly special rhythm section. Crockford's knack of songwriting shows no sign of diminishing either, he still turns out cracking songs. [Read More...]
"the record is a joy from start to finish."
"The resultant sound is astounding as fat, Townshend-style chords and rattling Moonesque drums blast forth on a set of crisp pop-psych gems, laced with trickling Hammond fills and 'Bus Stop' harmonies." [Read More...]
This music is all about passion, ideas and communication....You’d be a fool to miss it !
It’s unashamedly catchy, upbeat ‘Pop’ as it ought to be, full of great melodies and the kind of Sixties-style sounds that never seem to age. Squeeky organ, pounding drum beats and fuzzed-up guitar riffs compete for space with the dreamy vocal style. [Read More...]
2018 - Gigs wanted...!

We want to play...! Drop us a line at thegalileoseven@hotmail.co.uk if you want us to ruin your ears at your venue or festival...

Many can do this, few can do it well, The Galileo 7 have mastered the genre.
Medway would appear to be centre of all things Psych Pop at the moment. The storming amount of great mid to late 60's Pop that blasts out of Kent lately is vastly encouraging. Tear Your Minds Wide Open! is splendid Organ driven Psych Pop. [Read More...]
2010 debut album to be re-pressed... on vinyl for the first time!

Our 2010 debut allbum 'Are We Having Fun Yet?', officially out of stock since 2013, is to be pressed on vinyl for the first time. The album will be remixed and remastered for the vinyl release, and is due to be available around Spring 2018. Keep an eye on this website for news of advance orders!

"This is Medwaypsychedelicgaragesound with organ of the very best - the best backward progress one can imagine. Superb!" [Read More...]
"...extra-ordinary songs"
"The sound of this record is powerful, generous and warm like never before. And the songs sound like classics of the best eras in the history of Pop and Rock." [Read More...]
"...the songs are where it’s really at...these are classy tunes, rendered superbly. "
"But before you go go all retro and reach for your Creation box set, give “Tear Your Minds Wide Open” a considered listen; not many current acts sound this fresh while mining such a well-prospected shaft. It’s all in the songs and the unassuming production. No volume wars or polishing of turds here. It's uncomplicated and assured. " [Read More...]