"...extraordinarily good beat sounds."
"What this latest release proves is that the Galileo 7 are hot: one of the most buzzing, happening propositions on the British mod-pop garage scene." [Read More...]
"enough energy to suggest the band have found a stash of Purple hearts somewhere"
"it's all good and will blow away those blues and bring some joy back into your life, result." [Read More...]
"freakbeat and psychedelic pop of the best and most memorable kind"
"so here is simply dreamlike material! Two songs that simply listening and Do it again endlessly." [Read More...]
"pretty darn tasty!"
"Power-pop melodies and harmonies backed up with drumming set to the rarely heard Keith Moon energy level." [Read More...]
"..both sides are aflame with energy."
"The Galileo7 were already tasty but their brand of ... pop has kicked up a notch." [Read More...]
"...their strongest offering to date..."
"the group might now be at a pivotal juncture in its lifespan, where ongoing musical development and a growing taste for inventively infectious material are at some kind of peak." [Read More...]
"two new blistering garage-psych-pop songs"
"“Cruel Bird” is scorching neo-psych with a groovy guitar and organ break. While “Nowhere People” sounds like the band on steroids with all of them banging away delivering a wall of sound from the drums, organ, guitars, and bass." [Read More...]
"a record that exudes joy to play, share, and electricity!"
"This great band still has the sacred fire, and a big talent of composition!" [Read More...]
"The old favourites... are given a right kick up the bracket!"
"...a snap-shot not just of the sort of songs you can expect when you see The Galileo 7 play live now but more importantly the energy in which they are being played." [Read More...]
New album and single OUT NOW!

The new nearly live album 'Live-O-Graphic' is out now on CD, only available from our webstore.

If you like downloads, you can get it from iTunes (soon) or now from CDbaby if you don't want to give Apple your money!!

The vinyl-only 45rpm 7" single 'Cruel Bird/Nowhere People' is also out now on very limited purple vinyl (going fast!!), also from our webstore.

Meanwhile, we're off to play 10 gigs in France from the 31st March...