We're not big fans of downloads here at G7HQ, but we also understand that some people like the convenience. Not as cumbersome as vinyl maybe, but not as beautiful and definitely don't sound as good! But if you want really downloads of the latest album here's a link...

The Galileo 7: False Memory Lane
"..manage to both exhibit their influences... and innovate on ...those influences..."
False Memory Lane is the work of a band enjoying the freedom & time that not being a household name confers on them. They deserve as much success as the next guy sure but they're not losing sleep over the fact that it's not yet caught up with them. [Read More...]
"The new line-up is now really hitting its stride.."
The new line-up is now really hitting its stride and switching Mole from bass to drums was a stroke of genius as he is worth the entrance price alone with his flamboyant drumming style, which draws murmurs of appreciation from people around me. [Read More...]
Hooky guitar lines...superb organ playing...equally inventive vocal melodies and harmonies.
It's easy to see why Allan Crockford's previous band The Prisoners were such an influence on The Charlatans and The Stone Roses. Fans of those bands frustrated at the lack of new material should do themselves a favour and get behind a band that actually release records. [Read More...]
highly polished yet full-throttle
If you're going to do moddy-psychy-freakbeatin-fruggin'-oh-nice-bellbottoms pop in 2015, it outghta sound like this [Read More...]
"a Who-inflected rush of mod energy and a hint of Robyn Hitchcock at his Soft Boys-peak"
"brimming with an infectious vocal over a strident 80s power-pop sheen coupled with an infectious melody that won’t leave your head for hours afterwards." [Read More...]
"..a storming head-on rush..."
It really captures the live energy of the new look band in the grooves of the vinyl and is sure to become a favourite at future gigs. [Read More...]
a riot of explosive drumming, stacked harmonies and fuzz guitar/organ interplay
...wouldn't shame 'Black Sea' era XTC... [Read More...]
Timeless freakbeat psych-pop
The song has an urgent feel in its hyperactive engine room with peerless mono production that gives the bottom end extra punch. [Read More...]
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"One Lie At A Time" b/w "The God Of Gaps"
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Brand new limited edition vinyl 7" from the UK's #1 pop-psych exponents, The Galileo 7, recorded in glorious mono. If you like your pop a little bendy with plenty of sack, look no further!
Only 500 copies pressed, with uber-hip push-out centre, in simply wonderful picture sleeve—State's first since 2012's Suzi Chunk single!
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