We're not big fans of downloads here at G7HQ, but we also understand that some people like the convenience. Not as cumbersome as vinyl maybe, but not as beautiful and definitely don't sound as good! But if you want really downloads of the latest album here's a link...

The Galileo 7: False Memory Lane
New Single available for Pre-Order Now!!

**Pre-order—release date 16th March 2015**

"One Lie At A Time" b/w "The God Of Gaps"
(State Records THS—018)
Brand new limited edition vinyl 7" from the UK's #1 pop-psych exponents, The Galileo 7, recorded in glorious mono. If you like your pop a little bendy with plenty of sack, look no further!
Only 500 copies pressed, with uber-hip push-out centre, in simply wonderful picture sleeve—State's first since 2012's Suzi Chunk single!
As an added bonus, the 1st 250 copies will include a 3-track CD featuring both sides of the vinyl, and AN EXCLUSIVE TRACK unavailable anywhere else!!
The CD copies will ONLY be available direct from the band or label - the mailorders and distros WON'T be getting these, so you know where to buy buy buy!!!
PLEASE NOTE: this is a pre-order listing, with scheduled release date of 16th March 2015. NO COPIES will be shipped prior to that date.
Gig cancelled - Nov 29th

Our scheduled gig in Southsea on Saturday November 29th has been postponed until next year, so please don't go!! Sorry!!

'Highly entertaining and great fun'
"On the band's third album 'Down Memory Lane' eleven groovy, catchy, vaguely retro, organ-infused pop-tastic songs hove into view, opening with the inspiring and upbeat 'Don't Follow Me,' to which I say, `Tune!" [Read More...]
'..there is not a duff track on this album and definitely a must...
The songs display all the finest qualities of that area of popular music where the likes of Ray Davies reside. Classically English and (dare I say it?) working class. [Read More...]
Although harkening back to the 60s, they are not stuck in a time warp
Each song is different, but they all complement each other. There are fuzzed guitars, organ-driven songs, and phased vocal harmonies enough to please lovers of 60s Brit psych. Though harkening back to the 60s, they are not stuck in a time warp, many of the songs have an aura of contemporary psych-pop bands like The Luck of Eden Hall et al. [Read More...]
Allan Crockford - Interview
Galileo 7’s latest album ‘False Memory Lane’ is a rewarding listen. Its 1960s rooted psychedelic pop rock jangle is both evocative and refreshing. [Read More...]
"False Memory Lane" easily qualifies for the top five of this years neo-sixties albums
All things considered, "False Memory Lane" easily qualifies for the top five of this years neo-sixties albums [Read More...]
... an intriguing listen. Resistance is futile.
The reflective, haunting title track False Memory lane is underpinned with Mellotron akin to the Moody Blues' Days Of Future Passed and elsewhere the songs are tuneful and energetic, switching from dreamy Syd Barrett vocals and whimsical organ to the rapid fire of 'phasers set to stun' on Tide's Rising. [Read More...]
sharp, edgy but exuberant pop tunes with a blissful 1960's resonance
Allan Crockford as a songwriter can at times speak with a touch of light cynicism, but the 60's pop sounds of the Galileo 7 nevertheless seem to shine brightly and buoyantly. [Read More...]
"one of the summer's best under-the-radar releases"
With a catchy set of tunes, (driven by the sort of melodies Noel Gallagher would love to have written), plenty of bah-bah-bahs in the backing vocals, acoustic textures and vintage Mellotron upping the soft-psych quota, it's one of the summer's best under-the-radar releases. [Read More...]